Top Tracks of November 2019

12/05/2019 - Top Tracks

November has come to an end, which means that it’s time for another “Top Tracks”.

My favourite single: Ludens by Bring Me The Horizon
I think this song is really incredible, it has so many different styles. The track is written for a video game called Death Stranding, as can be seen in the video clip for this song.
As I mentioned before, the song covers a few different styles, one moment the track is calm and another moment Oliver Sykes (the lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon) is screaming the lyrics, and there are the bits that cover both of these main styles.
Check out the song and the video here:

My favourite album/EP: I’m Hard To Love, But So Are You, Vol. 3 by Too Close To Touch.
This EP features 3 tracks, Chasing Highs, Here’s A Thought and Comatose.
Chasing Highs is the first track on this EP, and is very easy to sing along to, the track also has a catchy melody.
Here’s A Thought is a little harder to sing along to, but you can easily sing the melody, which is also very catchy.
Comatose is the last track on the EP, this track is somewhat slower than the other two songs. The track is easy to sing along to, but it makes you want to listen deeply to it and get lost in the song.
Check this link to listen to the EP:

A complete list of my personal favourite releases:
– Scumbag (feat. Blink-182), Goody Grace (single)
-You Need L, Moses (single)
– Heartbeats, Tom Walker (single)
– Nothing To Lose, DI-RECT (EP)
– Unbroken, Bon Jovi (single)
– 02050525, Foo Fighters (single)
– Now Or Never, HAYES, Mugisho (single)
– La Grenade, Metronomy (single)
– In My Room, Frank Ocean (single)
– Everyday Life, Coldplay (single)
– Into The Unknown (From “Frozen 2”), Panic! At The Disco (single)
– KINGDOM, FEVER333 (single)
– This Is How (We Want You To Get High), George Michael (single)
– Ludens, Bring Me The Horizon (single)
– Five V2, White Lies (album)
– 01050525, Foo Fighters (single)
– Don’t Let Him Fool Ya, Prince (single)
– World War Joy… Push My Luck, The Chainsmokers (EP)
– If You’re Going to the City, Iggy Pop (single)
– I’m Hard To Love, But So Are You Vol. 3, Too Close To Touch (EP)
– Where Does The Good Go, Sleeping At Last (single)
– Used To Like, Neon Trees (single)
– Believer Never Die (Volume Two), Fall Out Boy (album)
– Christmas Drag, IDKHOW (EP)
– 0.0, De Staat, Rico, Sticks (single)
– No One Knows Us (Acoustic), BANNERS, Carly Paige (single)
– Watermelon Sugar, Harry Styles (single)
– Ready To Love, Emarosa (single)
– Before You Go, Lewis Capaldi (single)
– Popular Monster, Falling In Reverse (single)
– Massacre, The New American Dream, Palaye Royale (single)
– Everyday Life, Coldplay (album)
– Own It (feat. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy), Stormzy (single)
– Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent (Extended Edition), Lewis Capaldi (album)
– Human, Waylon (album)
– Take Me Apart, SYML (single)
– Everything’s Changing, Blanks (single)