Top Tracks of May 2019

06/08/2019 - Top Tracks

I’m going to cheat on the rules I made myself: I can’t choose between the albums that have been released this month and my two favourite things this month are singles. So no top album this month, but two singles.

The first single.
This one came out on May 23 and is written by 5 Seconds of Summer (and Charlie Puth), it’s called ‘Easier’. The track is about a toxic relationship and not knowing whether it’s easier to stay or to go. The track is really catchy and you can clearly hear that Charlie Puth has written it together with the members of 5SOS, especially in the pre-chorus. The pre-chorus had a typical sound for a Charlie Puth song. The singer also teased the collaboration on Twitter, where he tweeted various things having to do with 5 Seconds of Summer.
There is also a quite interesting story behind the music video; the first thing you can see is the members “drowning” in a black liquid, which represents the start of a new era (or sound), their pictures burning in flames also represents this. The rest of the video clip is built around the meaning of the song, a toxic relationship.
Watch the clip here:

The second single.
This track came out on May 24, it’s called ‘Parents’ and written by ‘Yungblud’. Dominic teased the release of this new song by putting up posters with a number on it all over the world. Fans could call this number and after hearing creepy carnival music, they would hear a story told by Yungblud himself. In the end, it would say “Call back tomorrow for another story.” Followed by “May 24th”. The evening before the song would be released, it closed the call with “Don’t call back tomorrow, just listen tonight.” You can hear the stories Dominic has told on the phone coming back in the lyrics of the song.
Listen to the song here:

A complete list of new releases this month:
– Father of the bride, Vampire Weekend (Album)
– Problems, Weathers (Single)
– Legendary, Skillet (Single)
– Blame It On My Youth, Blink-182 (Single)
– Oh My Messy Mind, James Bay (Album)
– New Eyes, Adam Lambert (Single)
– Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow, Yonaka (Single)
– Nightmare, Halsey (Single)
– Gigantic, Will And The People (Single)
– Gloria Sparks, The Lumineers (Single)
– RAMMSTEIN, Rammstein (Album)
– Dirty Air, Two Door Cinema Club (Single)
– Easier, 5 Seconds of Summer (Single)
– Turbulent, Waterparks (Single)
– Parents, Yungblud (Single)
– Guiltless, Dodie (Single)
– Barriers, Frank Iero and The Future Violents (Album)
– Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow, Yonaka (Album)
– Artificial Selection (Instrumental), Dance Gavin Dance (Album)