Top Tracks Of February 2019

03/04/2019 - Reviews, Top Tracks

This month there have been fewer album releases, but my favorite is called FIVE by White Lies. The album contains nine tracks, my favorite being Tokyo. Tokyo is a song with a happy aesthetic, it’s also catchy and easy to sing along with. The rest of the tracks on the album are great to just listen to, taking the lyrics in. The aesthetic of the song ‘Kick Me’ reminds me of the sound Pink Floyd had on their album called ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’, the instrumentals behind the vocals are speaking a whole language themselves. Although ‘Tokyo’ is (in my opinion) by far the happiest sounding song on the album, the track ‘Jo?’ and ‘Believe It’ make you want to sing along just as much as with ‘Tokyo’.

The release of singles is a lot more than the albums, and it’s hard to choose one track as a favorite, but I think I’ll stick with Money Problems by Max Frost. I had never heard of Max Frost before and I’m glad I discovered this track. It’s a feelgood song, quite funky and easy to sing along. The lyrics describe, as the title indicates, money problems. Max sings about how someone is coping with money problems, the song has an important meaning, but thanks to the cheerful background it takes on a funky feeling.

A complete list of new tracks this month:
– Pressure, The Score (EP)
– You And I, Léon (single)
– Five, White Lies (Album)
– Who Do You Love?, Chainsmokers ft. 5 Seconds Of Summer (single)
– Talk, Khalid (single)
– Peach Club, Emarosa (Album)
– Happy Together, Gerard Way ft. Ray Toro (single)
– The Promise, Superfruit (single)
– Bad Company, Yonaka (single)
– Westwood Road, Andy Black (single)
– You And I, Léon (EP)
– Strange Love, Simple Creatures (single)
– My Best Habit, The Maine (single)
– Cells, The Damned Things (single)
– Perfect Design, Navarone (single)
– Not Giving In, Tom Walker (single)
– Peer Pressure, James Bay ft. Julia Michaels (single)
– Beloved, Mumford & Sons (single)
– Bow Down, I Prevail (single)
– Breaking Down, I Prevail (single)
– Money Problems, Max Frost (single)
– Free At Last, PUP (single)
– Sight Of You, Sigrid (single)