Paaspop 2019

05/01/2019 - Concerts, Stories
Paaspop 2019

The weekend of April 19 – April 21, has been incredible. It has been my first time going to a music festival, and I got home with great stories, which I’ll be sharing today.

Navarone is a Dutch rock band, known because of their participation in The Voice of Holland. They’re also the first band to participate in the world.
They played for an hour long, a few of their own songs and two covers.
The members of the band were very energetic, jumping around on stage and interacting with each other.
White Lies:
White Lies is a band from Ealing, London, England. Their music can be described as Indie. Lately, the song ‘Tokyo’ has been played a lot on the radio in The Netherlands, which lead to me discovering the band.
The members of the band weren’t that energetic, they stood still during most of the concert.
Within Temptation:
Within Temptation is also a band from The Netherlands, their music is described as symphonic metal. The stage decor was amazing, there were two horn-like things at the back of the stage, and there was a ring of lamps hung up in front of a led screen on the back wall. The members of the band were quite energetic and walking around the stage a lot.

Yonaka is a rock band from Brighton, England. They play mostly pop/pop-rock. The band was really energetic, Theresa Jarvis, the singer, loves to walk and dance around on stage. The crowd also got lucky to hear an unreleased song.
I got especially lucky because I received a drumstick from their drummer Robert Mason.
De Staat:
De Staat (which literally translates to ‘The State’) is a Dutch rock band. The band brings a very special vibe with them which makes the crowd jump around and sing along with their songs.
I, unfortunately, didn’t get to see as much as I liked from them, because I really wanted to see the next artist.
Yungblud (Dominic Harrison) is a rock musician from Doncaster, England. He recently collaborated with Halsey and Travis Barker for a song called ’11 minutes’ which has received a lot of positivity around the world. He surprisingly didn’t play this song, unlike I had expected. Dominic is very energetic (also because of his ADHD) and was jumping and running around the stage a lot, it was very easy for him to make the crowd jump and sing along with himself.
I was really looking forward to this performance and I am extremely happy that I had the chance to ‘meet’ him afterward and get his signature.

Clean Bandit:
Clean Bandit is a British band. They combinate electronic music with classical music, and are mostly known for their song called ‘Rather Be’. The band brought two female singers with them for this performance at Paaspop. They weren’t energetic, however, they walked around the stage a lot, but you could see that all their moves were choreographed. The crowd sang along with every song they played this show.
Passenger (Michael David Rosenberg) is a British singer-songwriter. He is famously known for his hit single ‘Let Her Go’ and recently released an album called ‘Runaway’. He was very energetic but didn’t walk around the stage, Passenger did manage to get the crowd to sing and clap along with his songs. There was a moment where the whole crowd lit up the room because they all put their flashlights on.

This was a great first festival experience for me and I would love to go again.