No ‘Gameover’ for Jayen

11/08/2020 - Reviews
No ‘Gameover’ for Jayen

Introducing a new face, and sound, to the music industry: Jayen Sanders.

Jayen Sanders is new to the music industry, but certainly not unfamiliar with it. His debut track ‘Gameover’ will be released on November 18.

The track, in simple words, can be described as vibrant with a quirky sound. The song starts with a melody that resembles the sound of a music box, along with the surprising sounds of Mario, the track takes you back to your childhood. A childhood to dance to. The beat and the melody are a perfect match and make the track an excellent choice to play at the club.
The song is not only perfect to play at a club, but it can also be great company for a study session. You can basically put it on whenever you like, the uplifting feeling it brings is right for almost every situation.

“A place where old and new memories come together.” – Jayen

Jayen is very eager to release this song and cannot wait for everyone to hear it. Despite this being his first track, the professional sound of it is astounding. He has a great journey ahead and will undoubtedly make a big career out of it.

Gameover will be available for streaming on November 18 on all streaming platforms.

Photo by: Jayen

You can find Jayen on Instagram: @j.a.y.e.n.s