Frank Iero and The Future Violents

03/20/2019 - Reviews
Frank Iero and The Future Violents

Frank Iero, the former guitarist for My Chemical Romance, is back with another band of his own. He was in a few bands before and after his time spent with MCR, but now there is more music to listen to.

Fans have known since around August 2018 that Frank had formed a new group. And for a long time nobody, except the members of the band themselves, knew who were a part of the group and what the name of the group was. Just before New Year, Frank announced the name of the band ‘Frank Iero and The Future Violents‘, with a cryptical text in the description of his Instagram post. Frank said; “Here’s to a happy and healthy new jeers. xofrnk #FIATV – Spring 2019, chapter 3″.

Pretty soon a tour was announced, first three dates in South America, then a few festivals. Finally, on March 18, Iero posted a video on Instagram with this text in the description: “Everything from nothing, with nothing to prove. Destroy the walls they built around your heart. Keep the faith. xo. Tomorrow it begins… #FIATV” And today he announced that the single called “Young and Doomed” will be played first on BBC Radio 1 With Annie Mac 7 PM London.

50 minutes before the song was played, a picture containing the lyrics of the song was posted. The song sounds like a typical Frank Iero song, although the lyrics could be seen as more perceptive. Some might say Iero mentions a My Chemical Romance song called ‘I’m not Okay’ in his own new song; around the middle of the song a sentence comes forward ‘Because kids are so unkind to kids of different kinds and I promise that I’m not okay’
As seen in the post on Instagram, Frank wrote “(← triggered?)” behind it, in the song you can hear him say behind the official lyrics “Oh wait, that’s the other guy”.

If you liked this song, you can look forward to the full album ‘Barriers’, coming out on May 31, 2019.