No ‘Gameover’ for Jayen
Introducing a new face, and sound, to the music industry: Jayen Sanders. Jayen Sanders is new to the music industry, but certainly not unfamiliar with it. [...]
Top Tracks of April 2019
This month’s favourite is The Balance by Catfish and The Bottlemen. Their music is placed in the indie/rock genre, and you could find posters with [...]
Top Tracks Of March 2019
This month has been full of new music releases, and I’m going to walk you trough my favourite album and single. My favorite album is WHEN WE ALL FALL [...]
Frank Iero and The Future Violents
Frank Iero, the former guitarist for My Chemical Romance, is back with another band of his own. He was in a few bands before and after his time spent with [...]
Top Tracks Of February 2019
This month there have been fewer album releases, but my favorite is called FIVE by White Lies. The album contains nine tracks, my favorite being Tokyo. [...]
Top Tracks of January 2019
Starting this year, 2019, I have been writing down all the new tracks that have been released from artists I like. At the beginning of a new month, I will [...]