A setlist, a drumstick, and a signature.

05/06/2019 - Stories

If you’ve read my last post, you already know that I’ve been to Paaspop festival and returned home with a setlist, a drumstick, and a signature.
I will now tell you the story of how I got all these things.

The setlist
After the performance of the band White Lies, I waited for a little longer, because I had seen at the end of the previous show that the stage crew gave away the setlist of that artist. Of course, I wanted one too, so I decided to wait a little longer after the show and hopefully get a setlist. The waiting rewarded me with the setlist that I wanted to have.

The Drumstick
I was waiting quite early at the venue where Yonaka was going to play in about an hour. Indian Askin was still playing so I couldn’t properly go inside, I had to wait outside for a bit. Apparently, while I was waiting, the drummer of Yonaka, Robert Mason, was standing close to me all that time, but it wasn’t until Theresa Jarvis, the singer, walked past that I acknowledged it.
The show that I was waiting for to end, was over, and I could walk safely inside. Apart from a few others inside the venue, I was the only one who watched the soundcheck with attention. The band came on stage to do the soundcheck about 10 minutes after the previous artist had left the stage. The drummer, bassist, and guitarist all did their bit and made sure their instruments were ready to be played live. I have no idea what Robert was doing, but he walked to the front of the stage and looked somewhere in the middle of the room, presumably to the light and sound crew. Just before he walked back to his drumkit, he looked at me and I waved to him, just to say hello, he smiled and waved back before returning to his seat.
There weren’t any encounters during the soundcheck, but while Theresa was singing she looked at me for a good three sentences, I began to smile and I could see her begin to smile too before she turned her face to somewhere else in the crowd.
Their performance was amazing, and of course, I wanted to have the setlist if possible, so I waited for some crewmembers to walk out on stage and clean everything. Robert Mason dropped one of his drumsticks on the floor in front of his drumkit, and I was hoping to get it, sadly the drumstick was given away to another person and the setlist someone else.
Suddenly, I remembered that drummers have two drumsticks because with one drumstick you can’t do much, I walked towards the nearest person on stage, and said: “Sir, one of the drumsticks was given away just now, is the other one still there?” He responded that it wasn’t his place to give such things away, but sneakily walked towards the drumkit and grabbed the drumstick for me, and that’s how I got a drumstick from Robert Mason.

The signature
Dominic Harrison, also known as, Yungblud, is an amazing artist. He is very animated on stage, partly by his ADHD, but in person he is very sweet, talking and listening to every single one of his fans if he had the time.
His performance wasn’t just a show, I felt connected to everyone in that room through his music, all people that were in that room brought the same kind of energy with them, or it just simply became the same energy thanks to Yungblud’s music.
Anyway, everyone was jumping up and down, singing and clapping along with the songs, Dominic even encouraged people to continue the moshpit they started.
Just before he left the stage, he stated that he would be meeting fans in five minutes in the corner of the venue, and everyone suddenly started to rush there. After what seemed an hour, Yungblud came, and the sound that all the fans produced was deafening. Wherever he walked, the crowd walked with him, I didn’t have much of a choice but to walk with the group.
After a few minutes of realizing he was really in front of me, the real Dominic Harrison, Yungblud, the rock-musician, people started to hand him phones to take photos with, papers, shoes, phone cases and lots of other different things he could sign. I raised my hand with my ticket up in the air and he signed it! I was so happy and I still am, and probably will always be.