A day on set with Overhaul

07/02/2019 - Stories

May 9, 2019, Overhaul is shooting footage for a new music video, and I had the amazing opportunity of being on set with them.

My day started off early, with my alarm ringing by 6 am. An hour later I was sitting in the car, driving towards Eindhoven, where the shoot would take place. Being dropped off somewhere on Strijp S, thinking I was at the right building, I had to walk around for a solid 5 minutes before I found the actual building we were filming.

Still a little embarrassed from what had just happened, I was shaking hands and introducing myself to everyone who was already on set. Someone was already messing around and joked about what they would be doing on set, I was told he would be dancing, and of course, I believed it. Though he did dance a little that day, but unfortunately not for the actual video.

When we finally started to set up the first scene and were almost done, a latecomer walked into the room. Half of the band had already been through make-up and were ready to be on camera, the last two were done and everyone gathered to officially start the day. We talked about some ‘rules’ for the day and generally spoke about what would be happening throughout the day.

The producer said that only the band would be needed on set, the remaining people were left in a room with nothing much to do, luckily, I had a stack of cards with me and we spent some time playing cards while we were waiting.

Then it was time for me to come in and help, I had the important job of holding on to the clapper board. The first scene was filmed, so we had a quick break and started building the set for the next scene. This is where a lot of plants come in. Arranging the plants took quite some time, but everything had to be perfect before we could start filming.

In the meantime, three people started on painting the band logo on the floor, which didn’t end up going well thanks to a spray paint can not cooperating.

The actors in the scene with all the plants, had three more scenes to film. Something to do with a bike, feathers and a stairwell. After those scenes were filmed, we all sat down and had some dinner. And the dogs arrived!

Dogs? Yes, dogs. That’s all I’m going to say.

We filmed a bit outside with another actress. Because it was outside, we had to hold away curious people by putting up a red/white tape. And still, people walked right through it. We did manage to film some amazing things without people walking through.

It was a long day for everyone, and we were all super tired. Cleaning up the last things, and everyone could finally go home!

I had an amazing day and would like to thank the band Overhaul for giving me the chance of being on set with them.

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